Nursery – Stage 1

This room didn’t have much that needed re-doing — it was mostly a decorating job, but we did have to replace the windows. There was a full-on breeze coming through them, and when my husband went to open one, he was almost guillotined. So…those had to go.

The doors were in very good shape, so we wanted to keep those the natural wood, as we did in the other bedrooms.

The baseboards were not so lucky – they had odd cuts from old remodels and the stain color was not consistent, so my husband repaired those before painting them white.

Here’s a view of the room after the trim was painted a fresh white, with the walls still puke yellow.

Here’s a view of the new windows with a Prairie-style grid that look great from the inside and outside and also stopped the Arctic chill that had been this room’s previous hallmark.

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