Upstairs Hallway – Original

After the complete makeover of the downstairs hall and staircase, the upstairs hall was a simple (and much cheaper) undertaking.

Here are the before shots:

View toward the stairs. Door on the right is a bedroom; door on the left is the attic.

As you can see in these shots, the upstairs floor is maple rather than oak, which everyone has told us is very unusual on a second floor. Our carpenter said that this layer of flooring is on top of another layer below. The house has a bump-out addition that encompasses part of our son’s room and the dining room below that we have dated approximately to the 1930s, so maybe they took that opportunity to add a new floor. Maple really can’t be stained dark the way oak can, but I don’t mind the blonde effect, particularly in bedrooms.

Here’s a view toward the third bedroom and bath (on the right). At some point the previous owners added a hall bath, so we have more angles in our house than a typical Four Square. We’re grateful for the bathroom, so no judgments here.

The built-in linen cabinet and view toward the master (closed door).

At some point, there were doors above here (you can see the hinge marks) but they are long gone.

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