And We’re Off

We’ve owned the house for three months now.  A lot of projects are underway, though few are completed. (It’s a little hard to make any progress with 4- and 2-year-old boys who think that it’s super fun to flush paint brushes down toilets. Maybe I’ll try it sometime. Seems to be hilarious to the under 5 set.)

I won’t post anything from the new house until I have completed rooms to show (with plenty of progress pics along the way) because that’s the way Sarah Richardson would do it. (I want to roll the Sarah’s House way as much as possible, albeit without a Sarah’s House budget.)

In the meantime, I’ll post some photos of the projects that we’ve completed in our current house so you can get a sense of our style. I’ll make a big announcement when posts move into new house territory. Maybe there will be balloons. Perhaps a cake. I don’t know – I’ll get into some hard cider and see where the day takes me.

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